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Fitness Assessment & Pre-screening

$ 75 For Beginners
  • Provides prospective clients the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a trainer and have a full fitness and health assessment. These consist of acquiring anthropometry (height, weight, BMI, measurements) traits and testing of stability, flexibility and range of motion in order to determine fitness plans for clients.

Online Coaching

$ 50 + (Pricing varies per package see below)
  • Offers a variety of training options utilizing body-weight movements or whatever training equipment you may have at your disposal. Whether at home, on the road or at your local gym; virtual training can be a great way to maintain accountability without interfacing with the general public or inexperienced trainers.
  • Package options: The package options available are below:
  • Individual session $85 (A la cart)
  • 2 sessions $150 (Snack pack)
  • 3 sessions $215 (Trio)
  • 5 sessions for $375 (Hell Week)
  • 8 sessions for $575 (Bi-weekly)
  • 12 sessions for $800 (Tri-weekly)
  • 20 sessions for $1225
  • 30 sessions for $1650
  • 40 sessions for $2000
  • 60 sessions for $30000

In-person Coaching

$ 60 + (Pricing varies per package see below)
  • Offers training at our newly renovated/ exclusive Chicago Body Shop training facility which is in compliance with all Covid-19 safety procedures that include temperature checks upon arrival, hand sanitizing stations and environmentally safe cleaning of all equipment and contact surfaces.
  • Package options: The package options available are below:
  • Individual session $100 (A la cart)
  • 2 sessions for $175 (Snack Pack)
  • 3 sessions for $240 (Trio)
  • 5 sessions for $400 (Hell Week)
  • 8 sessions for $600 (Biweekly)
  • 12 Sessions for $840 (Tri-weekly)
  • 20 sessions for $1300
  • 30 Sessions for $1800
  • 40 Sessions for $2200
  • 60 sessions for $3200

Before & After

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

There is a customized meal plan included with the purchase of training packages.

Sessions are primarily individual sessions, however if two (Max 3) clients have similar goals, a group training package can be purchased. 

Clients can expect a certified and knowledgeable trainer that will support, encourage and assist them every step of the way. It may be difficult at times but your Chicago Body Shop trainer will be there to help you reach your goals!

With the numbers of Covid-19 on the rise, every precaution is taken to ensure clients safety. Touch-less temperature checks are required upon entry, machinery and equipment is sanitized and wiped after each use.

Each client will have a different goal and a different starting point. Ultimately, training should be a lifestyle choice and become an integral part of your daily life. It is our goal at Chicago Body Shop to educate our clients so that you can become your own personal trainer!

There is a 24hr notice cancellation policy and a 48hr replacement session policy.